A Love Story, A Baptism, And A College Chapel

A Love Story
Dave and Christine’s first date was to St. Francis Inn. As they say, way-leads-onto-way and yesterday they were married at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

They both treasure our church. And now they get to treasure each other.

A Baptism
Little Geno got baptized this weekend. Their story goes like this….

Ashley and her husband Mike attended a New Church wedding of a friend about 5 years ago. Over the coming years, as their family expanded from one to two, they were looking for a church that aligned with the values they wanted to raise their children with.

In that search, they connected with NewChurch LIVE, watching online for several months. Their first contact was – with a smile – ‘We want to join your church.”

I think this is our first baptism where I had never met the family in person before the actual ceremony. They are a wonderful couple who found a home (online) here!

A College Chapel
We have not done a “Friday Live” college chapel in almost 2 years. Friday was the relaunch of that program.

It was terrific. Students have a choice of services they can attend with 1 per week being mandatory. The Friday NCL version has been the most popular.

On Friday, over 150 students joined us outdoors in the sunshine. The picture below is of students starting to gather.

That college connection is a fun one. This fall, will be our first wedding out of it for two former students who fell in love during their college years.

All the above, again, speaks to the numerous touch points of church in 2021. Critically important I imagine to take to heart that church growth has moved from “funnels” to “networks.”

It is nearly impossible to tabulate the number we serve each week. That can be frustrating for me personally. And, I know this, over the past week, the “network” included a wedding, a baptism, and a college chapel, touch points in addition to our Sunday services both live and archived, our weekday morning meditations, small groups, pastoring and service.

Community Service

Do you live local to the Philadelphia area? Are you interested in volunteering at St. Francis Inn? St. Francis Inn is a homeless shelter serving dinner to the homeless in Kensington. They serve dinner “restaurant style” to the addicted and homeless population. There are groups going down at least twice per month. For an up to date list of service opportunities follow along on the Facebook group “New Church Live Friends of Saint Francis Inn”

News and Events

Join Pastor Chuck’s Small Group

Tuesday Evenings (4 weeks)
7PM OR 8:30PM

For 4 weeks the Sunday message will be following this topic. There will be 2 groups offered by Pastor Chuck to go alongside this content. It’s a great opportunity for folks to connect, share, and talk more in depth about the message from Sunday. The group meets online, so wherever you are in the country (or world) you are free to join.

The first group meeting will be Tuesday Sept. 28th at either 7pm or 8:30pm. We hope you will consider joining!

Email: angela.cooper@newchurchlive.tv to sign up!

Alternative Group meeting time…

There will also be a group happening on Wednesday Evenings led by Nathan Gladish. This group is open to all. If this day/time works best for you please email angela.cooper@newchurchlive.tv to sign up

Wednesday Evenings
Led by Nathan Gladish and Mary Valentine

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