Thankful for Different Things

Phone calls bring both great joy and great sadness. Such was last week, a week that brought welcome news of a beautiful baptism and despondent news of someone passing while still relatively young. We all inevitably face both types of thresholds where our known life was one way before the call, another way after. At times crossing the threshold fills us with great joy. Other times with great despair.

Finding our way towards gratitude when facing good news is obviously not a difficult task. But finding our way towards gratitude when despair beckons… now there is a soul-defining challenge.

I am not one who puts much stock during trying times in simply “counting our blessings” or reminding others that some have it worse (a strange path to gratitude if there ever was one). My experience is that life can become so dark for some that such advice is more than slightly off-putting. But what we can do is to learn to be thankful for different things.

A simple example. Facing a medical crisis, one may not feel particularly moved towards gratitude for a health now deeply damaged, compromised or absent, but may well learn to be thankful for caregivers.

It could be as simple as learning to be grateful for the unconditional love that surrounds us. Yes, that love at times remains hidden. But no, that love is never completely absent. It remains there to be witnessed, to be experienced even in fleeting moments where joy seems elusive.

Our task then? To learn to be thankful for different things, “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

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