A New Decision

“Advent is the preparation for the demands of newness that will break the tired patterns of fear in our lives.” Walter Breuggemann

We are all struggling with breaking the tired, well-practiced patterns of fear in our lives.  Christmas, traditionally, was both a celebration of family and gift giving, as well as a new decision, a new decision towards life in the midst of those fears.

As we work towards that new decision, welcoming God anew, we work towards newness.  In this newness, God gently, patiently moves our understanding of a troubled world towards faith, our memory towards hope, and our wanting towards love.   Something new is born!

This way of holding the Advent season matters. Distractions abound. And if we allow those distractions to take center stage, we will often come out of the Advent season depleted, not energized, as the new year with all its promise and challenges arrives.

There is a deep, compelling beauty to the new decision we can make this Advent season.  It is a decision of course with personal impact.  Maybe more importantly, it is a corporate decision, a communal decision to say this – Here is the world we choose to live in, a world filled with peace, hope, joy and love.

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