Always Giving 110 percent

As with most things in 2020, we have needed to pivot much of what has been happening here at NCL over the past 6 months. We anticipate that most of NCL’s events will continue to be virtual for the remainder of the calendar year and possibly a good portion of 2021. This may seem daunting to some, but for us here at NCL we choose to look at the positive. We choose to look at the connections, the opportunities, and the ways in which we have grown throughout this challenging time.

We are proud of this congregation and the ways you all continue to get involved and care for one another. Recently we offered a series of Open Houses (offered virtually of course) and the overwhelming message coming out of them is how much this community matters. Evidence can be seen in the small groups that kicked off in March and continue to this day, or with the turnout at daily “10 minutes of calm” bible study messages offered each weekday morning via Facebook LIVE.  We have heard countless stories of congregation members REALLY showing up and caring for each other. Beautiful stuff.

We also feel very grateful that much of the infrastructure needed to be exclusively online was already in place before the pandemic. We already had a strong Livestream on Sundays and were comfortable with online small groups, so that all went smoothly. Our recent website and app overhauls made it easier to find key information and dates, and we are committed to continuous improvements. We are also very aware that there is much more to be done to improve our community online. Culturally, we have (by expert estimation) accelerated trends by 5-7 years. This can set off alarms and panic OR it can inspire and help us see that we are on the right track.

With all this in mind, we are kicking off an initiative to elevate awareness of what it takes for NCL to change with the times and continue to serve others at the highest possible levels. We are calling it “Always Giving 110.” Our congregation is always a community, always active, and always growing. And we are known for always going the extra mile and giving “110%” to serve our community. We are used to free online content, and yet NCL still relies on donations to continue providing the same level of service as before. So, the NCL Board has initiated the Always Giving 110 challenge to recruit 110 people to set up recurring donations of any amount they deem appropriate and attainable.

Some of our regular attendees have recently approached me with their observation that they have not replaced their usual financial contributions to NCL because they miss the familiar ritual of passing the bucket each Sunday. This challenge is about participating in a new way that is appropriate to the times, not about specific dollar amounts. We honor the fact that many may not be in a position to do this right now, but if you are able please consider setting up a recurring gift.

We are excited for the future at NewChurch LIVE. We are excited to continue to support this growing, thriving congregation into the future. We are excited to gather again too, and we know that will happen when the time is right, but until then we are so lucky to have this amazing (virtual) community that is Always Giving 110!

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