Supporting New Church Live

Always Giving 110 Challenge

The New Church Live Board of Trustees has initiated the “Always Giving 110” challenge to recruit 110 people to set up weekly recurring donations of any amount they deem appropriate and attainable. The purpose of this initiative is to elevate awareness of what it takes for NCL to change with the times and continue to serve others at the highest possible levels as an increasingly online community. Our congregation is always a community, always active, and always growing. And we are known for always going the extra mile and giving “110%” to serve our community. 


“We are excited for the future at NewChurch LIVE, and we are so lucky to have this amazing (virtual) community that is Always Giving 110!”

Pastor Chuck

If you are not ready to attend live services yet, please consider replacing the familiar ritual of passing the bucket each Sunday by setting up a recurring gift. Visit the DONATE page here on our website, or text the word ‘newchurchlive’ to 77977 to get started.

Thank you!