Asking Hard Things

As summer slowly draws to a close, and we face together the more frenetic rhythms of the fall, it is important to note that in the times in which we live, we ask hard things as a church. Good things. But hard.

In this era of infinite choice and endless entertainment, church remains about as counter-intuitive an institution as one might find. We are about work, sacrifice, a bigger picture beyond us as individuals. About making a difference, not just making a point. About ancient wisdom. About a world re-imagined around God’s hopes for humanity.

In that pursuit, we ask hard things.

And here is the beautiful part to the that “ask” …. People say “yes”!

I am convinced there is something in all of us that desires to be asked to do hard things. That wants to stretch and grow. That is not looking for the comfortable and convenient but searches tirelessly for the meaningful. That yearns to actually move beyond egoic “self” to things more transcendent and eternal.

Shane Claiborne put it well when he said, “If we lose this generation, it won’t be because we didn’t entertain them. It will be because we didn’t challenge them.”

There is little doubt that the fall will fill with challenges, “Delta” just being one of them. We will face challenges, guided by hard questions like what does church looks like in this increasingly digital age? What does community look like? Service? A kids’ program? Fellowship? Small groups? Pastoring? Sacraments?

All hard questions begin – we must remember – with the easiest of answers to start – a simple yes, a yes meaning we are here, God is present, and we will figure it out together.

Welcome to the fall!

NewChurch LIVE is Hiring!
Want to join the NewChurch LIVE team? We are currently looking for a part-time volunteer coordinator. This role supports the Sunday experience by coordinating and managing volunteers on Sunday, helping welcome and plug in new faces as well as support for community service initiatives.

This is a great role for someone looking to dip their toe in the working world or someone looking to earn a little extra income while maintaining work/life balance (hint…this is a great opportunity for moms…but certainly not limited to moms…really anyone can apply!). We encourage anyone with even a small interest to reach out for more information. We are looking for someone who has energy and passion for people and to help support the mission of NewChurch LIVE!

For more information including a full job description please email us!

Community Service

A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the back to school drive. All supplies were dropped off this week. An extra special shout out to Susan who set up a collection hub at ACTS retirement community. They showed up in a big way!

News and Events

“We are faced with the simple task of meeting life on life’s terms – “terms” which are often not what we would necessarily want, or agree to given the choice. But meet them we must. Join us for a 3 week small group as we look at life, together.”

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