Gifts in Low Times

The question, “What you are learning now?” consistently generates beautiful responses. We all know low times certainly. And, when prompted, we know there are gifts there as well.

There may be more power than we might imagine in times such as these if we can, together, refocus our gaze on what we are learning and not what we fear.

The challenges are absolutely real right now. And I believe many communities beneath the slash-and-burn rhetoric favored on social media yearn deeply for a new way forward through those challenges.

But we are going to have to return to first-things-first over and over again. And lean into church in its reconstituted forms.

These challenges are not going to be met – at least in the world of churches and spirituality – with a soft consumerism whose only demands are that we let ‘it’ know what we, the customers, want. The challenges will, however, be met by meeting them. By engaging. By work. By sacrifice. Those are things churches can do and that we are doing.

Low times, challenges, are always this … reminders. Our call is move what we know in theory into life-giving practice. Keeping first things recognizably first. Doing what God gives us to do.

There is great life there! (Even in low times)

Community Service

Do you live local to the Philadelphia area? Are you interested in volunteering at St. Francis Inn? St. Francis Inn is a homeless shelter serving dinner to the homeless in Kensington. They serve dinner “restaurant style” to the addicted and homeless population. There are groups going down at least twice per month. For an up to date list of service opportunities follow along on the Facebook group “New Church Live Friends of Saint Francis Inn”

News and Events

Want to follow along with others and have some community time together? Join a small group. We have one launching TONIGHT!

This group will be following along with the current Sunday Theme. Join leaders Nathan and Mary for 4 weeks beginning tonight Wed. Sept. 29th at 7pm!

Please email to sign up

Wednesday Evenings
Led by Nathan Gladish and Mary Valentine

Reach Out and Get in Touch!

Ever want to schedule a meeting with Pastor Chuck? Maybe you just had a baby and want to discuss baptism, maybe you are going through a rough time an need some pastoral counceling or maybe you just want to talk about spirituality together. Or maybe you simply want to follow along and get to know Pastor Chuck a bit better, hear the books he’s reading or feel more connected. Now it’s super simple!

If you want to schedule a meeting with Pastor Chuck for any individual pastoring use this LINK you can set up a 15, 30 or 1 hour meeting at a mutually convenient time.


Another way to stay connected is to follow Pastor Chuck on social media:



**New Sunday Service Alert! See below

Family Bible Stories with Pastor Chuck
Sunday Mornings 9am
Multiple streaming options!

Join us for a short, Sunday morning, online family service.

Designed for families with young kids, join us to find together the simple joy about figuring out as a family how God’s gentle work and word weaves its way among us.

Also, remember, you do NOT have to tune in live to watch these services. If you miss it or want to watch later in the day/week that is totally fine. Once broadcast the service will remain on all of the above platforms permanently. We hope you will enjoy these whenever is convenient to you!

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