Guilt or Goodwill?

We all make mistakes. We all say things we wish we hadn’t. We all do things we wish we had not done. Such is life. Such is the rich journey of our souls.

And with that, we need to remain clear on what the “resolve” is.

We can, of course, choose to hold our “resolve” around a resolve to compulsively swim in the toxic stew of guilt. We often stay in that place – that place of incapacitating guilt – far longer than is healthy.

To be clear, guilt and remorse are healthy in small doses. But we need to add this important caveat – that guilt and remorse are healthy to the extent they get us to MOVE. To the extent they get us to do the hard work of accountability. amends, and forgiveness.

The deeper resolve, as our Christian New Church theology puts it, must focus on goodwill. Think of difference between the two — guilt vs. goodwill.

So a little guilt might be a good thing! But the prize my friends … it is always a overwhelming revolve to practice goodwill towards all those who touch our lives, who we share life with.

News and Events

Last week we mentioned that we made our end of year fundraising goal almost 3 weeks early! This is certainly worthy of celebration!

We say it all the time, but it is worth repeating…fundraising is never our main goal. It is specifically a means to supporting the church and all the functions that it takes to operate. Reaching our goal allows us to continue to plan, look to the future and to support this growing thriving congregation.

It is also worth noting that one of the ways that we reached this goal earlier than ever this year is by the small sustaining gifts that people set up earlier in the year. It’s through setting up recurring gifts that the impact of this congregation was realized (and 3 weeks early!) It’s through many people giving a little and growing the foundational support for NewChurch LIVE that we are able to sustain and even expand our reach. It’s through slow, steady recurring support that the real magic happens.

So I encourage everyone to think about what their impact could be? What could a sustaining gift look like for you? It’s through that recurring support that we are able to plan ahead, and confidently rely on the foundation of this amazing congregation supporting from wherever you are tuning in from across the country!

Set up your recurring donation today! In whatever amount and frequency works best for you:

Community Service

Here is an updated Amazon wish list for all the items they are still collecting…please note NO CLOTHING DONATIONS at this time.


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