Humanly Possible?

We live in a time of unique challenges. Many remain perplexed, grieving the disorienting loss of a shared reality with friends, family, and broader community – whatever that reality might be.

Is it humanly possible to change, to rediscover those ties-that-bind again?

I know this… we cannot do it without God. Without some sense of “true north.”  Without a sense of bedrock values that point us back forward towards our shared humanity and invites us  –maybe  even compels us–towards a better world.  In a time when “What side are you on?” tempts us away from answering “How do we solve these problems?”, this is no small endeavor.

One author captured the tension and the invitation beautifully. 

My siblings and I are a lot like the country: Uncompromising and unevenly scarred, we are equal parts resentment and love. I don’t know how to move forward, but for now I’ll cling to the little things that bind us. (Beth Macy)

That will be our work this January as we launch into a new year.  How do we both speak towards and live towards recapturing what is indeed humanly possible?  The answer should leave us with a smile and a gentle memory that with God, “all things are possible.” (Matt. 19:26)

Our humanity, indeed, is what we share and what is open for us to rediscover.

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