The Staff at KidsLIVE are committed to the caring and learning environment-

The Green Room of MPAC is a play and project room for the baby and toddler under the age of 4. This room is ideal for keeping our little ones safe in an enclosed environment. The baby and toddler areas have coloring, games and toys as well as caregivers who watch, hold (if need be), read and assist them with a loving attitude and grace.  The last 15 minutes is a circle time with songs relevant songs to the theme of the current adult service.

The Lobby of MPAC is designed for children ages 4 and up until (typically) age 10. The older children learn a moral lesson consistent with the adult weekly topic. The children will be singing, playing games, stories, lessons, art projects and other character building exercises.

The Current Staff of KidsLIVE is Michelle Synnestvedt and Maggie Thygeson-

Michelle and Maggie have joined KidsLIVE with a lifetime passion for teaching children, both professionally and as seasoned mothers. Look for them and their energetic smiles in the lobby on Sunday.

Volunteers are the Main Reason the KidsLIVE Program is available to Parents-


We cannot thank the volunteers enough! These wonderful people are given the choice to help with the baby and toddler area, work as a small group leader, or check the children in prior to the 10:30 service. Volunteers are guided with goals for that day.

Parents are ALWAYS WELCOME to sit in and observe or participate with the program at any time-


We love visitors and will never turn down a volunteer! The children may benefit seeing their Mommy, Daddy, Grandparent etc hanging with them as they learn and have fun. Please consider joining us one Sunday!