Drop off your budding angels for a parallel church experience in an environment of caring, learning, and activity that focuses on moral and spiritual development around the concept of a loving God. With a special space dedicated to your children, they can feel like the focus rather than an afterthought. Our KidsLIVE staff is tuned in to ensure that they feel welcome so they can become interested and involved.

Babies and toddlers are accommodated in a Play & Project room that is ideal for keeping them contained in a safe and comfortable enclosed environment. We provide areas for coloring, games and toys, and our caregivers will watch, hold, read books, and assist them individually. 

Kids ages 4 and older (typically up to about age 12) learn a moral lesson consistent with the adult weekly topic, and are invited to participate in singing, games, stories, lessons, art projects, and other character-building exercises.

Our directors are selected for their experience and passion for teaching and nurturing children. They are very present in our lobby as you arrive, where they look forward to greeting you, answering your questions, and making your children feel safe and welcome. Volunteers provide valuable support in assisting babies and toddlers, leading children’s activities, and assisting with secure check-in and check-out.

Parents and guardians are always welcome. Feel free to join your child at KidsLIVE. We love visitors and invite volunteers! The children may benefit from seeing a familiar face hanging with them as they learn and have fun. Please consider joining in!

Visit the KidsLIVE Facebook page @newchurchlivekids, or reach out to volunteer on our Contact page.