Temporary Venue for Church

Auditorium of the Academy of the New Church

During the summer months (July and August) New Church Live will be temporarily relocated into an adjacent building while Mitchell Performing Arts Center (MPAC) gets some TLC.

Our normal building for Sunday church will have scaffolding in the theater to facilitate ceiling work and painting, so we are VERY FORTUNATE to have an alternative just steps away in the Academy of the New Church (ANC) Secondary School’s Benade Hall Auditorium.

Honestly, there is nothing to remember, and no routines to change! You can still park in the same parking lot and simply walk to the building next door.

You can literally see the auditorium from the MPAC steps and our greeters will show you the way. Look for the coffee station by the entrance.

ANC has provided us with 2 classrooms in the same building for the KidsLIVE program. The greeters will help you locate them, and you can rest assured that they are very close to the auditorium and staffed by our loving Ms. Maggie, Ms. Michelle, and Ms. Susan as well as our top notch KidsLIVE volunteers. Same tune, different channel.

With the change in venue, you will also notice a very different atmosphere in the overall look and feel of the Sunday experience. We will be doing more of a coffee shop vibe to embrace this temporary location as well as to accommodate the typically smaller Sunday in-person audience over the summer months. So expect a quieter, more intimate setting for the usual engaging, relevant Sunday message!

We will still be providing Livestream for our Sunday message. Keep in mind that the production will be a little bit less polished than we are used to, but we are still able to keep you in the loop.

Construction is set to begin July 1st and we are told it will last up to 8 weeks. As with all construction projects, there are variables that are out of our control so we are prepared if it lasts longer. Our plan is to be back into MPAC by Sept. 1st but we will keep you posted if that changes. It will feel so good to be back in our space, refreshed, recharged after a long summer away and ready to take on the year ahead!

We are deeply thankful for your patience during this construction. We know that it will likely be a bit unfamiliar, clunky, and not what we are used to. We look forward to getting back to normal. Please pass the word!