Our music

NewChurch LIVE invites you to be part of our music program. We believe that music is a powerful communicator of positivity, unity, and love. It can bring and hold people together, especially during trying times. Marcus is spearheading a conversation to expand our musical community by inviting your participation: 

  • If you sing and/or play a musical instrument, or can have a friend accompany you, please make a video recording of yourself performing a song that will be a blessing. You could also create a photo slideshow to bring visuals to an audio-only performance. 
  • Give us your ideas for specific songs that you think would be appropriate and inspiring to include in a service. Please share your reasons or thinking behind the songs, whether it’s an association with NCL, applicable to the current series, or what it means to you personally, so we can try to follow through with your vision.

At NCL, we strive to weave music into our weekly Sunday message. Together, music and message create a full experience that feeds the heart and the mind.  

Visit our Contact page to leave us a message — just select “Let’s talk music” under “I would like to know more about…” We look forward to hearing from you!