Polarization and What We Can Do About It

A big theme this fall will be both a candid acknowledgment of (a) the deep polarization in many of our communities and (b) a call to move forward. That, from a Christian New Church perspective, calls out a prophetic sensibility where we both have the discipline to confront the facts with honestly and forthrightness, and at the same time, to cast a vision fueled by unwavering hope.

What is that vision?

With a smile, I will start here – the vision is not about politicizing church. It is very easy given the tensions of this age to create what one author called “weaponized belonging.” May we never be that!

What will we be then?

We will be a New Church congregation of fellow travelers. We will remain a place of civility and kindness, claiming and caring for everyone’s identity, needs, and beliefs without degrading others in the process. We will continually search out common ground pointed towards serving the common good as both the starting point and the end point in doing our humble best to be generous agents of God’s love.

No matter what position on any issue before us, I can almost guarantee, there are others in the congregation who choose to see the world differently. As a Pastor, I don’t believe the perspectives per se are nearly as big an issue as the anger and animosity that tends to fuel them in our wider national discourse. Anger and animosity are the enemies. Not our neighbors.

What can we do together then? Build a church!

The purpose of the New Church is not to destroy anything but to build something.” Emanuel Swedenborg

Community Service

Do you live local to the Philadelphia area? Are you interested in volunteering at St. Francis Inn? St. Francis Inn is a homeless shelter serving dinner to the homeless in Kensington. They serve dinner “restaurant style” to the addicted and homeless population. There are groups going down at least twice per month. For an up to date list of service opportunities follow along on the Facebook group “New Church Live Friends of Saint Francis Inn”

News and Events

Join Pastor Chuck’s Small Group

Tuesday Evenings (4 weeks)
7PM OR 8:30PM

For 4 weeks the Sunday message will be following this topic. There will be 2 groups offered by Pastor Chuck to go alongside this content. It’s a great opportunity for folks to connect, share, and talk more in depth about the message from Sunday. The group meets online, so wherever you are in the country (or world) you are free to join.

The first group meeting will be Tuesday Sept. 28th at either 7pm or 8:30pm. We hope you will consider joining!

Email: angela.cooper@newchurchlive.tv to sign up!

Alternative Group meeting time…

There will also be a group happening on Wednesday Evenings led by Nathan Gladish. This group is open to all. If this day/time works best for you please email angela.cooper@newchurchlive.tv to sign up

Wednesday Evenings
Led by Nathan Gladish and Mary Valentine

Reach Out and Get in Touch!

Ever want to schedule a meeting with Pastor Chuck? Maybe you just had a baby and want to discuss baptism, maybe you are going through a rough time an need some pastoral counceling or maybe you just want to talk about spirituality together. Or maybe you simply want to follow along and get to know Pastor Chuck a bit better, hear the books he’s reading or feel more connected. Now it’s super simple!

If you want to schedule a meeting with Pastor Chuck for any individual pastoring use this LINK you can set up a 15, 30 or 1 hour meeting at a mutually convenient time.


Another way to stay connected is to follow Pastor Chuck on social media:



**New Sunday Service Alert! See below

Family Bible Stories with Pastor Chuck
Sunday Mornings 9am

Join us for a short, Sunday morning, online family service.

Designed for families with young kids, join us to find together the simple joy about figuring out as a family how God’s gentle work and word weaves its way among us.

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