Rediscovering Community

Life in a church, at its best, presents us with two wonderful gifts. One is an inner journey, the journey of our souls. It is a journey, blessed by God, of prayer, mediation, learning, insight. All which in turn instill a deep peace.

The second journey is the outer journey, the journey of our lives. It is a journey, blessed by God, of service, fellowship, care, kindness. All of which in turn create community.

Pre-Covid we were fairly certain of the forms the above would take. Since, Covid, we are far less certain and far more curious.
What form does the inner journey take when it is done increasingly in our own homes, on our own time, alone?
What does pastoring look like as we travel increasingly to where others live vs. expecting them to travel to where we are?
What does community look like when it is overwhelmingly online?
What does a service event look like for a congregation filled with non-local online viewers?
How do we share the vibrancy and energy of the filled physical space we used to know, that promises now to be actually smaller, not larger in the future?
How do we connect with new families who join NCL online, many of whom have never been and may never be to a physical service?
How can we create a church environment where we all experience that our church is one?
These are big questions. And we will wrestle with them, together, as we seek to rediscover community in this new era we are entering.

On Sunday June 6th we are planning a service called “Blancing it all: A Look back and a Look Forward.”
Our hope with this service is to to reflect on this past season of COVID and all the experiences we were forced as a global community to navigate – the blessed and the broken.

As is the case with everything we do here at NewChurch LIVE we want to hear your voice and your experience reflected in this special service. Join our online planning team Wednesday, May 26th, 7:00 PM on Zoom. All are welcome.

Wednesday May 26th, 7:00PM


Our fiscal year runs July 1st -June 30th. We are supported by the generosity of this wonderful congregation.

Help us continue to offer rich meaningful services streamed to your homes every Sunday. Help us to continue to support our local community through service projects and outreach. Help us support connections formed through small groups, morning chapel services and music every week.

We are so blessed to have so many people who support us. It’s not about the size of the gift, it’s through many donations, many individuals, many families stepping up and supporting us that we will reach our goal.

To make a donation today simply text the word ‘newchurchlive’ to 77977


CLICK HERE to make an online donation

Here is an updated Amazon wish list for all the items they are still collecting…please note NO CLOTHING DONATIONS at this time.


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