Salvation and Theology

I LOVE theology. And, with a smile, I admit not everyone does. But important on occasion to dive deeper into theology as a way to give us something to consider. So here is an interesting theological premise to thoughtfully consider this week.

Salvation is not solely a personal self-improvement project but a corporate/ communal commitment – a reason d’etre for churches.

That is obvious from Jesus’ life. He forever calls a broader “US” to serve “THEM.” And the “THEM” he reminds all, with love, is a more expanded “US”, brothers and sisters all.

Unsurprisingly then again and again, the functional definition of sin is not limited to weak people yielding to temptation but expands to those who in their parochial self absorption fail to be bothered, who as Emanuel Swedenborg phrases it, divorce faith from caring. Read the story of the Good Samaritan and there’s the message.

We are all powerful people. The question then is “Can we be bothered?”

It’s a great question.

And gives us something actionable to think about this week as well as something to celebrate as we witness lives, and live lives, bent generously towards others and so towards God.

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