"See" you on Sunday! Here's what to expect:

We are thrilled to have you join us at NewChurch LIVE, and look forward to seeing you in person when the time is right again. Our reopening goal will be to maintain the sense of community that comes from gathering together in common purpose, recalibrated to meet the new times where online presence is a more comfortable part of our daily existence.

While we wait to open back up, the details below will give you a sense of what to expect at a NCL service where the goal is always a conversation that honors every individual.

What to wear?

Come as you are, wear whatever is most comfortable to you. We will keep you posted as we determine if there will be precautions following the 2020 shutdown. Most people wear casual clothes such as jeans and a t-shirt. Some like to get more dressed up and if this is your thing than go ahead and do it. People are welcome to wear whatever they prefer and are most comfortable in.

What time to arrive?

The service begins at 10:30am. However if you would like to arrive a bit early you are more than welcome. We often have folks arrive as we are getting our volunteers ready for the am. Pastor Chuck leads the volunteers in a prayer and a brief overview of what to expect in the lobby of the theater where we have church. If you arrive during this time (usually around 10:10am) join us!

Or if you prefer to hear the band warm up and practice you are welcome to do that too. They usually get going around 9:30 and will usually practice until 10:20 or so.


In the lobby as you arrive you will notice we serve coffee. Grab a cup on us (meaning FREE to you) to enjoy alongside the morning’s message. Shhh…we won’t tell anyone if you bring it into the theater with you as long as you bring out the trash when you leave We all love a nice warm cup of coffee or tea on a Sunday morning to get the day started. We hope you enjoy.


We have a live band at NewChurch LIVE and they do songs that range from traditional folk music all the way to alternative rock. One of our core philosophies at NewChurch LIVE is that our Sunday message should reflect the rest of your everyday life and music is no exception. They have played songs by artists like James Taylor, Coldplay, Jonny Cash, and so much more. Come prepared to be inspired, and delighted at the range of music this talented crew will perform.


We are so lucky to have our services in the Mitchell Performing Arts Center. It is on the campus of The Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools. A lot of times folks are surprised when they pull up and don’t see a traditional-looking church building. Depending on the time of year, we are also sometimes welcomed by some set designs from the shows that are currently happening in the theater. We love this location, and feel so lucky to be able to share the space.

What about my kids?

We are thrilled to offer a wonderful program for children called KidsLIVE. Children ages 0 and up can attend our KidsLIVE program located in the lobby as you walk into the adult service (of course if you’re kids are nervous to be separated from you they are welcome to go in with you), our KidsLIVE staff works hard to provide a program that is based on the adult service at a more age appropriate level. Kids will be led through a brief program, similar to what the adults will hear in the theater, and then do a fun craft/activity inspired by the message.

We also offer a baby room for children a bit to young our squirmy for the bigger kids program. This area is just a short walk from the lobby in an enclosed room so young crawlers and walkers can’t escape and are kept safe while their parents enjoy the service. This area is more free-form, filled with lots of kids’ activities and toys that children can play with as they choose.