Angels: Loving and Leading

Heaven is within us, and we are all wired to become angels. There is a part of us already there. In fact, Emanuel Swedenborg points out that the purpose of creation is a heaven from the human race. The Lord is with each one of us, urging us to do good; although we still have the choice to turn away if we would rather not be led to love.

Part 1: Angels 101

We all have angelic qualities within us, because angels are simply people who have died. Sometimes in the Bible, it appears that the angels are powerful beings to fear; yet we also see images of angels communicating that we should not be afraid. The insights from Swedenborg offer a perspective where angels are seen as comforting guides.

An essential idea we will be exploring about angels is that angels lead joyful, active lives. It is not a life of idleness, lying around in a bed of clouds. Heaven is where we live more fully with kindred spirits, a home, and a purpose. Angels are led by love. Angels live in a similar fashion as we do today, They experience continued growth, find ways to serve and be useful, and can be married and live in community.

Sunday October 13, 10:30am

Part 2: What do angels do?

In New Church theology there is a vision of angels as beings that are humble, kind, growing, serving, and spreading love. Angels have power to protect our hearts. They have incredible skill to look for good, and offer messages that are healing and hopeful. They are not perfect–they have highs and lows, seasons of more and less warmth–and yet they are always growing, always looking to the Lord for guidance. The life of an angel is far beyond a halo and wings

Sunday October 20, 10:30am

Part 3: When angels feel absent to us

There are times in our lives when we aren’t able to feel the presence of angels. In hard times, we may wonder with curiosity or anger where our angels have gone. In this part we focus on how the angels are at work even when we don’t see and feel them. We acknowledge doubt as part of the spiritual path.

Sunday October 27, 10:30am

Part 4: How guardian angels are with us

The Hebrew word for angel means messenger. Angels serve as reminders of God, reminders to step into light and love, reminders to release that which separates us from love. May we find comfort in God’s loving presence with each of us.

Sunday November 3, 10:30am

Part 5: Becoming an angel

Becoming an angel is becoming the best version of ourselves. It is coming home to our true purpose and calling. Becoming an angel is realizing our potential and becoming more of who we were created to be. Even when we fall short or do something wrong, God is turning us toward good in the long run.

Sunday November 10, 10:30am