We are facing a crisis of isolation and loneliness. This series explores ways we can regain a sense of belonging.

Part 1: What is Love?

We struggle understanding love in its truest form. First, we will take a look at what love is indeed not. Then we will share an inspiring image of what true love actually is.

Sunday December 29, 10:30am

Part 2: The Crisis of Loneliness

As is often said, we live in the most connected of ages and yet, from a personal relationship standpoint, one of the most disconnected. Rates of depression, addiction, and alarmingly suicide all present symptoms of the problem. What would God have us do about it? Join our conversation as we take on the crisis of loneliness.

Sunday January 5, 10:30am

Part 3: Navigating the Teenage Years

Finding a sense of belonging is challenging at any age, but for many of us, that desire to belong, to fit in, makes the teenage years especially difficult. How can we as young adults, parents, teachers and caregivers navigate this time of life with a bit more grace?

Join us for inspiration as we hear from teens and caregivers about the challenges of this age, with ideas on sharing God’s tender care even in trying phases of life.

Sunday January 12, 10:30am

Part 4: Picturing a New World

We welcome you to NCL as we continue our series on “Belonging,” borrowing both the words and Christian framework from a Pastor who consistently calls us to richer and more meaningful forms of belonging – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

Sunday January 19, 10:30am

Part 5: Lostness Does Not Matter

Join us as we conclude our series on Belonging. This week we close with a simple yet profound concept that in terms of belonging, lostness simply does not matter. God is there.

Sunday January 26, 10:30am