According to Seth Godin, “It’s possible to day trade tragedy and doom, and if it was the best way to make things better, I’d be in favor of it.” The implication is that we should probably be trading something else. In this series we explore how to change our cultural tendency to focus on negatives, and instead act to make life better for ourselves and those around us.

Part 1: Less anger

A huge challenge we all face in the age of social media is the ease with which our culture can spread contempt. What steps can we take to remove fear and anger so we can move beyond contempt?

Sunday August 11, 2019

Part 2: More honesty

Suppose we were to replace outrage with honesty? Honesty in its pure sense must be grounded in trust. With an eye toward positive development and growth, our honesty can lead to a healthy unfolding of hope for the beautiful potential held in all people and all communities. How do we find a way to that kind of honesty?

Sunday August 18, 2019

Part 3: A call to engage

Seth Godin goes on to say “…with all the doors that have opened, what a chance to make things better.” What is our call to engagement that can open doors? If we turn away from anger and toward honest hope, we will be guided along a path that focuses more on others than ourselves; more on rehabilitation than retribution.

Sunday August 25, 2019