Between Two Worlds

Join NCL speaker Curtis Childs, host of the Off The Left Eye YouTube channel, as he explores deeply spiritual experiences reported by people who had a close brush with death and then returned to tell about it. What can we learn about our own spirituality?

Part 1: The Near-Death Experience

Imagine being surrounded by light, love, and a profound, unshakable sense that absolutely everything is going to be ok. What seems like wishful thinking has been a reality for countless people. Let’s explore their stories and see how their peak experiences can help to guide us through the more mundane, confusing paths of everyday life.

Sunday July 19, 10:30am

Part 2: Every Experience Can Be Spiritual

How do we bridge the gap between the sublime experience of unconditional love and light, and the jarring ordeal of someone cutting you off in traffic? How do we take the knowledge of the interconnection and love we all share at a higher level, and try to fit it into a life where paying bills and looking into “check engine” lights occupy so much of our collective headspace? While it might seem like navigating the distance between “heaven and earth” is almost impossible, with the aid of the tools people picked up during their spiritual experience, we can do a lot to bring spirituality into the details.

Sunday July 26, 10:30am