Coming Home

With all the disjointedness we are experiencing now, it is time for us to speak to that deep yearning we all hold – the yearning to find home. Join us as we stretch our arms to embrace the entirety of that journey in all its beauty and challenge.

Part 1: Pilgrimage

During our life’s journey, we may find ourselves defining home from three points of view – the settler, the nomad, or the pilgrim. Home looks different from each of these views as we alternately seek to stay home, find home, or return home. At each stage, what is our willingness to change and what is God’s role in it?

Sunday August 2, 10:30am

Part 2: Family Drama

We cannot speak of home without speaking of family. And – with a smile – we can’t speak of family without speaking of drama. The fact is all families struggle at times. There are many examples Jesus offers us as we seek to define home through the people who live there with us. The answers are not always easy, but the conversation is indeed good!

Sunday August 9, 10:30am

Part 3: The Art of Homecoming

We live fractured, siloed lives; divided from others, but also deeply divided within ourselves. How do we find a simpler way to live that pulls the fractured parts into a mended whole? The art of homecoming can bring us home anywhere because it creates home wherever we are.

Sunday August 16, 10:30am