First Steps

In this series we look at how the road ahead sometimes appears to us, acknowledging that sometimes the path seems blocked. Moving forward could mean we have to take the first step into something new so that we can begin a transformation.

Part 1: Moving Beyond Tragedy

Marjorie and Matt Pennington will be visiting us once again at NCL. In her new book, “Bringing the War Home: The Life of a Military Caregiver,” Marjorie reflects on her own life as she and Matt worked to move beyond a fateful day in 2006. During his third deployment to Iraq, Matt’s Humvee succumbed to a bomb blast that cost him part of his left leg and changed their lives irrevocably. In the ensuing years, they wrote together a powerful story of love and care.

There are few people as inspiring as Marjorie and Matt. Funny, honest, hope filled… this will be a powerful service. Much of the time our first step into spiritual life is not of our own choosing. It comes from challenge. Join us to hear how one couple found their way through it and found each other and God anew on the other side.

Sunday September 22, 10:30am

Part 2: Stepping Into the Game

Much of our lives we spend on the sidelines, watching but not participating. How do we find our way into the game? Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, let’s explore together what true participation looks like so we can endeavor to move beyond the voices in our head that keep our lives small and instead lean into the expansiveness that God desires.

Sunday September 29, 10:30am

Part 3: Stepping On Board

Classic church architecture is organized around what is known as the “nave.” The word nave means “ship” so it gives us the sense that our spiritual life is a journey, that we are actually going somewhere. In the Biblical story of Noah’s ark, the animals step on board the ship two by two. There is a parallel in our lives when we find mutual benefit from relationships with other people along the way.

Sunday October 6, 10:30am