Four Commitments

The worship of self has been the central preoccupation of our culture for decades; molding the self, investing in the self, expressing the self. How do we find a way to take the next step, out of self and towards the other? Join us as we look together towards four commitments that can help us gently look outward.   

Commitment 1: Living in a miracle

This week we look at our commitment around faith.  That commitment is far broader than intellectual certainty and far kinder than weaponized religion. It is a life changing commitment centered on love, trust, a command, and a promise.

Sunday February 2, 10:30am

Commitment 2: Finding our heart's call

Few are privileged to spend their work days where their heart lies. In the age-old battle of paycheck-vs.-passion, the need for paycheck often wins. And even there, with God’s help, we can find a vocation, we can find a call. Join us for a look at finding purpose in work – a commitment to a vocation not just a job – whatever our work might currently be.

Sunday February 9, 10:30am

Commitment 3: The mess and the beauty of our families

Families come in many forms and all families harbor at least a degree of dysfunction. That is the human condition. Moving our families forward, regardless of the shape your family takes, might well be more a matter of slowing down rather than speeding up. Join us for this special service, looking at our commitment to family, including beautiful music from the Children’s Choir of the Bryn Athyn Choristers under the direction of Robin Bier. 

Sunday February 16, 10:30am

Commitment 4: Making Stone Soup

Join us to make Stone Soup. Stone Soup is a beautiful old story about a community each bringing their gifts to a meal, creating a soup of the many offerings. Our fourth commitment is similar. Join us at 8:00am, Sunday, at the NewChurch LIVE Office as together we plan a 10:30am service of many voices. Bring your ideas as ingredients and we will create a living, breathing stone soup of community commitment. 

Sunday February 23 | 8:00am at the office and 10:30am at church