A Greater Hope

The famous Bible Story of Noah’s Ark illustrates what many of us are feeling right now – an overwhelming flood. How do we face the storm, the waves, the winds of life, grounded in hope through it all? The Ark was a shelter from the storm, but it still must have felt like confinement to those aboard. So let’s look at what happens in that space. Old patterns give way. We are faced with a lot of waiting, and new situations. When we make it through the storm, a new faith emerges, and with it a greater hope.

Part 1: Preparing for the storm

Preparation starts with the recognition that life is hard and there will be storms. Denial does not lead to readiness. What can we do to prepare for the storms we will face?

Sunday April 19, 10:30am

Part 2: Riding the waves

As we figuratively ride the waves where old patterns are challenged, we may feel increasingly that we are no longer in control. But in a certain respect, being in control is not that important. Losing control can be the first step toward transformation.

Sunday April 26, 10:30am

Part 3: The first glimmer of hope

Storms do end. On the backside of the storm, there is a clearing. That is where we get the first glimpse of what has been cleansed, and we have the opportunity to reset. How do we hold on to that glimmer of new hope while facing the inevitable challenges that continue to recur?

Sunday May 3, 10:30am

Part 4: A new covenant

God’s promise to Noah was a new covenant. It is not a covenant that exists despite the storms of life; it is a covenant born out of the storms of life. The covenant does not exist without the storm, just as transformation does not come without a reset in our faith that grows from charity, service, and love.

Sunday May 10, 10:30am