Muddy hands helping another muddy person's legs over a fence

In this series we explore where GRIT shows up to keep us moving forward, step by step, over obstacles that seem overwhelming in our path. May 5 to 19, 2019.

Part 1: A faith and love greater than life's circumstance​

Join Pastor Chuck Blair in welcoming Kayne and Brittany Lermitte as they reflect on their journey together facing Kayne’s cancer diagnosis, and how resilience connects to the life of the spirit. Our dear friend Anthony Stover from Ronald McDonald House will join them as well to talk about the courage and perseverance he sees every day.

Sunday May 5, 10:30am

Part 2: Allowing the face of the other to change us

When we face loss or failure, we may hit a time when we can’t cope using our own skills, acquired knowledge, and willpower. In that place, we might rely on “the face of the other” to change us. Pastor Chuck Blair will invite Bruce and Sally Lamont to share how their lives were transformed after their house fire on a fateful Thanksgiving day in 2018.  Local fire fighters will join us as well. A story that will leave you inspired!

Sunday May 12, 10:30am

Part 3: Surprised to be loved?

Life can seem like a railroad track with parallel rails of successes and failures. Yet both rails are needed for one journey. As we close the series, special guest Bill Deering will visit NCL. Bill struggled with stuttering throughout his life. Eventually that disability helped Bill discover who God intended him to be. One struggle and one triumph as part of a single journey.

Sunday May 19, 10:30am