Home: Creating a new spiritual home at NewChurch LIVE

Garden fence with roses. The word "Home" is overlaid on the image.

As NewChurch LIVE enters the next 10 years, we continue to evolve how our community creates a welcoming spiritual home. Home is where we feel loved, where we belong, and where we can be grounded. It is a place from which we can reach out to others and offer more together than we can individually.

Part 1: A new beginning

Ten years ago we launched NewChurch LIVE. Join us as we look back at where we have been and forward to where we are going. Hear the voices of the congregation as we celebrate our years together!

Sunday June 2, 10:30am

Part 2: A new question

A true spiritual home is to be experienced, not just talked about. As a community we should be asking each other a mutual question: “What do you seek?” And the answer we can give each other is “Come and see,” because we should be showing who we are.

Sunday June 9, 10:30am

Part 3: A new view from Sunday

Guest host Curtis Childs from the “Off The Left Eye” YouTube Channel will help us explore the idea of the Sabbath from the New Church point of view, as informed by Swedenborg’s theological works. We will consider how Sunday can be a launch point to carry us through the week, rather than an end in itself.

Sunday June 16, 10:30am

Part 4: New contents, new container

During transitions, we experience tension between old and new. The excitement of something new can lead to celebration, but what happens when the party is over? If we force something new into an old container, will it hold? Join us for the conclusion of the series as we consider the new wine that is flowing into our lives, and how the NCL community can provide a new wineskin to hold it.

Sunday June 23, 10:30am