Kindness first

Young girls walking down bright street with arms around each other, overlaid with the text "kindness first"

In a three-part series New Church Live explores the foundational concept of Kindness. Swedenborg writes that the primary meaning of worship is a life of kindness. If we allow God to lead us from within, good comes from our interactions with each other. When our spirit is grounded this way, we can act with good intentions instead of judgment. With the rock of truth in our hands, we can either cast it at others to try to make them conform; or we can turn and skip the stone across the water leaving ripples of kindness expanding outward from each touchpoint.

Kindness First, Part 1: Letting kindness lead

Our view toward kindness directly connects to our view of God. Imagine the idea that, “God’s kindness is intended to lead you.”

Sunday June 30, 10:30am

Kindness First, Part 2: Grounded, not rigid

We are asked to love, but for life to work we have to play by the rules. How do we find that balance? How do we find a place where we can be grounded without being rigid?

Sunday July 7, 10:30am

Kindness First, Part 3: Throwing rocks and skipping stones

If we over-emphasize rules and put “right” before “relationship,” we can quickly get confused. Shakespeare famously noted, “Let mercy temper justice.” How would God say it?

Sunday July 14, 10:30am