Life Begins Here

The Easter season captures a core rhythm of all human experience, that of death, waiting, and resurrection. Life begins here, wherever we are, with an understanding of those experiences and God’s gentle holding through it all.

Part 1: The Hard Work of Blessing It All

Blessing it all is NOT easy. The Easter story is filled with very human stories of both blessing and betrayal, of light and dark, of heaven and hell. As we launch our four-part Easter series, we will explore how to hold those extremes in more life-giving ways.

Sunday March 14, 10:30am

Part 2: The Grace of Exhaustion

One author beautifully noted how we will all experience “the grace of exhaustion,” or “the sacrament of stuck.” Those are, paradoxically, the places of exhaustion or feeling stuck where miracles often happen. The experience entails a journey through a truth telling that leads to the hope that is core to the Easter message. Bring your “stuckness” with you and we’ll try to appreciate it together!

Sunday March 21, 10:30am

Part 3: A Calm, Quiet Sea

In the face of impending crisis and violence, Jesus remained throughout the Easter story both saddened and at peace, aware of what was occurring, yet consistently choosing a higher path that leads to a “calm, quiet sea.”

Sunday March 28, 10:30am

Part 4: Easter Sunday

Join in as we celebrate Easter Sunday with a highly interactive, family service to inspire us to move the joy we feel into the lives we live. In this way, life can begin again right here!

Sunday April 4, 10:30am