Life on Life's Terms

Life will be what it will be. Too often we grasp at faith, seeking it as a way to escape life as it is, instead of using faith to engage life as it is. If we can faithfully engage life in all its frustrations, joys, and mysteries – life on life’s terms – we will discover a deep truth. That truth? That God comes to us disguised as our life. That idea brings presence. That idea brings peace. That idea, quite literally, brings faith home.

A Taste of Heaven

We will all experience at least a taste of heaven on earth. Those “tastes” will be different but the deeper experience of that soul-level joy, remarkably the same. Life on life’s terms obviously must hold the challenging parts. Thankfully, it holds many beautiful parts as well. Join us as we examine, together, at what C.S. Lewis called “the secret thread.”


Filled With Challenges

With a smile, we can safely guarantee that those who believe a connection with God will save them from all the challenges of life, are headed for disappointment. Life – religious or not – is filled with opportunities to stumble. But we can learn to transform those challenges into parts of our story that while hard, also in some subtle way, create life anew. Meeting life on life’s terms means our hearts break. And our hearts break open.


Moving Forward

Life on life’s terms holds small bits of heaven. Likewise, life on life’s terms holds bits of challenge as well, challenge that can at least feel like (or hurt like) hell. Through all that, can we trust the flow of our lives, trusting that a good God is gently, patiently, lovingly leading us to a good place? That means, of course, that we must grow comfortable with movement and change, trusting that we are moving forward.