One Person Church

There’s a really exciting building project going on inside of you. Every good feeling you act on, and every spiritual concept you pursue are the raw materials that God is using to construct a permanent state of peace, happiness, and love inside your mind and heart.

Part 3: Finding a Home in our Minds

How do we make the church within us not just somewhere we go once a week, but somewhere that we live? Through careful building with the raw materials of spiritual truth, we can have the home of our dreams—right in our own minds!

Sunday January 24, 10:30am

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Part 1: The Church Within

The Church isn’t a building or an organization. It only truly exists in each of us, and by cultivating it inside ourselves and then bringing each of our churches together to serve a greater purpose, we can be part of something really special.

Sunday November 29, 10:30am

Part 2: How to Keep a Million New-Year's Resolutions

Approaching the New Year, we examine the Vision and Mission we often have within ourselves. But what would we find if we look for the Vision from God as the personal church within us, and how does that change our Mission?

Sunday December 27, 10:30am