Our lives fill with challenges, each of which call us, in turn, to learn more about resilience and the beautiful lessons it offers. The era we find ourselves in fills with just such challenges.

While often we may be acting alone, we still need a community, so we don’t do it alone. That is church. We hope you can join us as we support each other on this journey towards resilience through Sunday messages designed to inspire and small groups designed to connect.

Part 1: Will We Survive This?

This question is asked of each generation as it faces its own challenges. Even if we don’t feel that our physical survival is threatened, we may well worry if our jobs will survive, if our relations will survive, if our communities will survive. We will take a look at the type of resilience needed to get us through these times.

Sunday September 27, 10:30am

Part 2: Patience When It All Goes Wrong

We want to move past challenges as rapidly as possible. Challenges, however, often don’t yield to quick fixes. It takes patience and trust that God is working slowly, often outside our view, even in times that look dark.

Sunday October 4, 10:30am

Part 3: Confronting Reality with Unwavering Hope

Confronting reality with unwavering hope gives us a life-giving perspective on moving through challenges. Jesus was never one to “sugar coat” challenges, spiritual or otherwise. And He was never one to lose hope.

Sunday October 11, 10:30am

Part 4: Showing Up for the Ones We Love

John Lewis, one of the true heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, noted that the hardest faith to maintain was the faith that others would change. The thought applies to friends and family, as well as ourselves. That faith is the bedrock of reconciliation.

This week we look at the strife often pulling at our families and community, and explore the importance of showing up for the ones we love (even if they vote differently than we do ☺).

Sunday October 18, 10:30am

Part 5: Who Do We Want To Be When This Is All Over?

This is a critical question for our times. The pandemic lockdowns will end. Our cities will grow peaceful as we find ways to serve the beloved community more effectively. And we can control what we become as we progress through it.

In closing our series, I invite you to reflect on the journey to resilience.

Sunday October 25, 10:30am