A 4 week series looking through the letter to the Romans, a book of the Bible written by Paul, over 2,000 years ago, to a group of people trying to do a church in a new way, around a new story.

Writing a New Story

How do we place ourselves in a new story? That is the core invitation of Christianity. The plot will surprise you! To understand how that “new story” might work, we are thrilled to have Brian Henderson join Pastor Chuck. Brian will share with us his journey from being told he would never walk again, to the small triumphs that led him back to the life he shares with friends and family today.


The Beauty of Imperfection

We are often tempted to place the problems of life “out there” versus starting with the challenges “in here.” Yet there is great beauty when we both see and share the at times humorous imperfections of what it means to be truly human.


Something Being Born

“All creation groans” is a well-known quote. It points to the idea that there are two types of time – chronological time and pregnant time. Join us as we look at what might be getting born into our lives!


Call it Grace. Call it Mercy.

Grace and Mercy – two beautiful words. While they may conjure up images of church-gone-by, they are every bit as important to rediscover for our lives today.


Living Our Best Future Now

God writes of gifts. And these gifts are gifts of transmission, gifts both passed on and passed through us. Our task is how we hold them.