Service at work

Woman at computer thinking, with the overlaid text "service at work"

We are born to be useful and to serve others, so what better way than in our everyday work? When we think of serving others, we might gravitate toward community service and volunteering. But ideally we can also approach our everyday work with that same attitude. Whether we pass our days in an occupation for pay, education, raising a family, or searching for the next opportunity, putting our focus on how we can serve others will lead to more satisfaction. After all, this is our faith in action because it is what life is all about.

Part 1: Identifying our talents

Join us as we consider the parable of the talents from the Gospel of Matthew: 2 talents, 5 talents, and hidden talents. We are not to hide them. Our talents are only useful if we recognize their value.

Sunday July 21, 10:30am

Part 2: Using our talents

Once we have identified our talents, we can use them to make something better than it needs to be. Why? Just because we cared. Let’s look at small acts of thoughtfulness and how they improve our lives by improving the lives of others.

Sunday July 28, 10:30am

Part 3: Finding our gifts

What if we are trying to use our talents and it is just not working out? Sometimes we face uncertainty in our daily routine, and it may be out of our control. Or is it? Failed relationships, downsizing, and job loss can feel hopeless, so how do we find peace there?

Sunday August 4, 10:30am