When we feel pain and anxiety about the future, one strategy we can explore is to simplify our lives. In this series we’ll explore two steps toward simplicity that can lead to light, healing, and joy. In between Part 1 and Part 2, we’ll take time out for a back to school blessing service on Sunday September 8.

Part 1: Grace and Peace

All seven of Paul’s letters in the New Testament start with a wish for “Grace and Peace.” In Part 1 of Simplicity, we will consider how we can accept grace and also lead with the mindset of this greeting with everyone we meet.

Sunday September 1 at 10:30am

Part 2: Decluttering

Our lives are way too cluttered. Carl Jung famously said, “I climbed down 1,000 ladders to the little clod of earth I am.” What if we think of “clutter” as the never-ending series of ladders we believe we must climb to be successful, honored, and loved. We simplify our lives when we stop climbing and find rest in who we are in God’s eyes.

Sunday September 15 at 10:30am