Two of Me, Two of You, Two of Us

We recognize with little effort that we harbor both a higher self and a lower self, a part filled with light, and a part that seems to lean towards darkness.

How can we come to hold this dissonance in a healthy way? How can we come to terms that there are indeed two of me, two of you, and two of us?

Two of Me

In all of us there is a basic tension between our heart of stone and our heart of flesh, as the Bible puts it. We all have at some level, an “evil twin” as it were that shows up with distressing frequency when the conditions are right (or wrong).

How can we look at both those opposing “hearts”, not as enemies locked in perpetual conflict, but as the wholeness of our experiences, held by God, to move us forward in our lives, to move us toward choice, and to move us closer to heaven?


Two of You

One well known marriage counselor famously said that when working with any couple, four people show up, only two of which are worth talking to.

That should bring a smile! How do we choose to communicate and connect with others from the correct two, and not their opposites, allowing our best and highest selves to connect with theirs?


Two of Us

Churches, just like individuals, mirror a certain “twoness.” Parts of many churches are open, loving, and filled with joy. Other parts can be narrow, judgmental, and at times even cruel.

Any church, synagogue, or mosque that is open, loving and joy-filled can do amazing and miraculous things in the world! How can that happen more?