Christmas Series: Vulnerable Love

Leading into the Christmas season, NCL explores the vulnerable love demonstrated by the birth of the Lord into the world. It’s power is evident when we keep love alive and at work in our lives.

Part 1: Love is born an infant

That the Lord was born into the world as an infant is symbolic. He was not born to secretly be raised as a king who would then come forth as a ruler of mankind. Instead, it was prophesied to friends and enemies alike that he would be born into extremely vulnerable circumstances, seemingly without protection and at great risk. Pastor Chuck will start this series with a discussion of how the Lord’s birth models the true nature of love for us.

Sunday December 1, 10:30am

Part 2: Moving From Imagination to Courage

At Christmas we welcome God anew in our hearts.  And Christmas is not just a season to celebrate that new arrival, that new birth and the re-imagining that comes with it, but also a season that calls us to courage. 

Join us we look at that journey from imagination to courage.

Sunday December 8, 10:30am

Part 3: The risk of loving

As we grow up, we tend to focus more on the risks of loving because we don’t want to be hurt or disappointed. Individually and as a community, how often we land in challenging places where vulnerable love apparently has no place or seems unwelcome. Our egos see vulnerability as a sign of weakness, despite its demonstrated power. Yet we can only be fulfilled if we open ourselves up.

Sunday December 15, 10:30am

Part 4: When the Hard Parts of Christmas Show Up

Join Pastor Chuck Blair and special guest Martha Pitcairn as we talk about the hard parts of Christmas that are inevitably mixed in with the joy of the season. May this … maybe yes the light helps to illuminate the darkness but maybe also as well, the darkness can help to illuminate the light.

Sunday December 22, 10:30am

Part 5: Christmas Eve

Please join us for a family service on Christmas Eve where we will celebrate the example given to us as Jesus was born into the world. Here we see how God’s loving presence comes to us quietly, as vulnerable as a candle in the darkness, rather than with the fanfare that humanity would expect of a king.

Sunday December 24, 5:00pm