Easter Series

Wake Up in Safety

Our Easter series looks at the broader story of the Christian tradition, which begins with creation and ends with Resurrection. Along the way, we may sometimes feel “outside the gates,” beyond the familiar and secure. But when we follow the example of Jesus to bend down and serve, we wake up to the truth that service puts us in solidarity with God and is our pathway back inside the gates to safety.

Part 1: Bending to Serve

There are few more powerful stories than the story of Jesus, facing his death, washing the feet of his disciples. Far from a debasing practice, Jesus instead did it to refocus his followers on first-things-first, a place where we no longer worry about who is going to ascend to lead but instead, who will actually bend to serve.

Sunday March 29, 10:30am

Part 2: Outside the Gates

Much of the Easter story takes place physically outside of the city gates in Jerusalem. That offers a literal and figurative image worthy of our attention. What happens when we find ourselves outside the city gates; outside of what was once seen as safe, secure, and salvific? If we allow transformation to happen there, we rediscover the solidarity blessed by God.

Sunday April 5, 10:30am

Part 3: The Broader Story (Easter Sunday)

We can hold the story of Christianity one of two ways. The first way is narrow… The story begins with the sinfulness of humanity and ends with Jesus paying the debt for that sin on the cross. The second story is broader… It begins with the original blessing of creation and ends with the story of Resurrection, which is what we actually celebrate Easter. This Easter Sunday, we choose the broader story, and we might be surprised by what we find there.

Sunday April 12, 10:30am