What is the Good Life?

We Can Be Unhappy Anywhere

It should bring a knowing smile to recognize that we can make ourselves miserable any time, any place. Much of that unhappiness grows when we fail to differentiate between living A good life, as God defines it, and living THE good life, as culture defines it. When we focus on attaining THE good life, experience shows that we may never be satisfied because the rules change over time, along with our perspective. Usually we can find more contentment in the long run by just doing the right thing.

Sunday May 9, 10:30am

Living Your Best Life

There are many paths to “the best life,” and only one that ultimately becomes ours. Along the way we have to balance the demands of that individual pursuit with our connections to our families, communities, churches and the world. The path becomes clearer if we can learn to listen for “the sound of the genuine” in ourselves and others, which we all have the capacity to recognize from God.

Sunday May 16, 10:30am

Learning to Live Gracefully

The Gospel of John begins with an almost annoying repetition of the word “grace.” Part of the good life is undeniably filled with grace-full moments. When God arrives in our lives, no matter how broken we are, apparently so does grace.

Sunday May 23, 10:30am

Playing the Long Game

The good life is able to live both in the absolutely immediate present, and paradoxically, look to eternity at the exact same time. With a degree of humility and vision, we can rediscover the eternal in the here-and-now.

Sunday May 30, 10:30am