Enjoy the discussion and community of NewChurch LIVE small groups

Group of adults seated in a circle in a living room setting

“I love small groups because I get to learn about myself through other people. I’m too selfish to see it on my own, but when I hear people talk about their hopes and dreams I go, ‘Oh yeah, it’s like that for me too.’”


NewChurch LIVE exists to create space for people to be in community together, and to have a sense of belonging. In an age where many feel increasingly isolated, small groups are one of the ways we feel it is possible to experience that belonging first hand. They provide the opportunity to get to know others who attend NewChurch LIVE, while also finding connection and support through life’s journey. We hope you will consider joining one.

Small Group Formats

Seasonal small groups: These short-term groups adopt a specific topic, and meet regularly for 3-6 weeks.

“Drop-in” small groups: These groups meet year-round. Come when you can and pick up on the conversations.

Online small groups: Can’t meet in person? Consider creating an online group.

Want to create a new group?

Most of our small groups are managed by members of the community. So if you would like to start your own group, we’d love to support you. It can be as simple as grabbing 2-3 friends, selecting a book or topic to explore, finding a time/place to meet, and getting started. You can also create a group just to have a regular place to continue discussion after Sunday services. We offer group leader trainings twice a year for those who would like a little support and/or guidance getting their group underway. Keep track of our events page for upcoming training dates.