Two Baptisms. Two Smiling Babies. And The Story.

Life runs in circles. And this past weekend, the circle came around to two baptisms, two smiling babies and The Story.

Both families – the Nutches and the Pattersons – have grown. What was several years ago a single first born is now a more raucous entourage, filled with many voices including cousins. The noise was beautiful!

And the preciousness remains the same. The moment to close the baptism – when the family gathers for a hands-on blessing – still one of the most powerful a pastor ever witnesses.

This story, THE story, 1,000’s of years old, is a miracle to behold. Here are these families, committing to lead and teach the infants, given to their earthly care, to learn of God, to follow in God’s ways, to love, to serve. To be Christians in the New Church, not as an esoteric add-on but as an actual lived moral experience. “Preach the Word every day and, if need be, use words.”

We enter these stories for many reasons. They give meaning to our past and purpose to our future. They give us a weighted and seasoned perspective on authentic freedom – a freedom that moves away from individual license towards a truer freedom of giving, freely and lovingly, towards the common good.

So the circle closed. Two baptisms. Two smiling babies. The Story. All of it blessed and beautiful!

“Life received from the Lord is the life of love towards the entire human race.”

Emanuel Swedenborg, Secrets of Heaven 6467

Thank you to the online planning team that gathered Thursday night. They shared some powerful possible themes to tackle in our fall cornerstone series ... "A Better Adventure."

NewChurch LIVE is Hiring!
Want to join the NewChurch LIVE team? We are currently looking for a part-time volunteer coordinator. This role supports the Sunday experience by coordinating and managing volunteers on Sunday, helping welcome and plug in new faces as well as support for community service initiatives.

This is a great role for someone looking to dip their toe in the working world or someone looking to earn a little extra income while maintaining work/life balance (hint…this is a great opportunity for moms…but certainly not limited to moms…really anyone can apply!). We encourage anyone with even a small interest to reach out for more information. We are looking for someone who has energy and passion for people and to help support the mission of NewChurch LIVE!

For more information including a full job description please email us!

Community Service

Beef Donation *UPDATE*

Thank you to everyone who contributed. We were able to raise over $300 towards this cause. The meat is being picked up and distributed by Deneen and Frank through Helping Hands Northeast. The meat supports many organizations and is a welcome need for these organizations who often do not have access to high quality meat.

NewChurch LIVE will also be matching the donations collected and sending a contribution to Heifer International to support global poverty eradication efforts around the world.

THANK YOU to this amazing congregation!

Help children start off the school year right with all the back to school supplies! Items can be dropped off locally at our office, ordered and delivered, or you can use the Amazon wish list button above to make things even easier!

All donations will support Gemma services: 

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