New Church Values

We are a Christian community that operates based on these important principles, not only on Sunday morning but throughout our lives.

God needs you. The world needs you.

Each of us possesses unique God-given gifts. God’s will for us is to live into those gifts, using them in a spirit of service to others in communities small and large.

To live into God’s gifts, we need to step up.

Stepping up means growing closer to God and closer to others. That entails actively and purposefully working on repentance (rethinking our actions), reformation (restructuring our lives), and regeneration (recreating who we are).

It means developing an awareness of the need to live purposefully and deliberately in the present. As Jesus clearly taught, selfishness and materialism as ends in themselves get in the way of this kind of life. Loving others and loving God get our egos out of the way and put us on the path to true, lasting happiness.

Stepping up to grow closer to God means embarking on a journey with hills and valleys.

Life has many blessings and many breakings. Life is hard. Life is wonderful. God’s will for us is to have a sense of peace, a sense of His loving hands and His divine providence, as we move through our lives. Deciding then to live a Christian New Church Life does not mean we avoid the challenges of life. It hopefully means we are more empowered to navigate through those challenges with the help of God and the help of a loving church community.

To help us along the way, God gave us His Word.

The Old and New Testaments of the Bible – His Word – provide guidance for our spiritual growth in the form of commandments and parables. New Church theological canon, authored by the scientist and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, helps us to more fully understand God’s Word.

The promise is eternal life in heaven if we so choose.

If we have consistently chosen evil on earth, we will continue to choose it in the next life. If we have tried to live good lives here, regardless of religious denomination, then that choice of a God centered life will be confirmed in the next life and we will be led to heaven, where we will become angels.