What can we do when we feel lost?

That disoriented feeling of being lost is part of our life experience. An incredibly hard part.

And we know this… there is not the one, clear easy answer to reclaiming our path. What there may well be is a quieter, simpler rediscovery of what Pastor Samuel Wells referred to as the most important word in Christianity: the word “with.”

Before time began, before anything else, there was a “with.” And until the end of time, there is “with,” as Jesus promises: “Behold, I am with you always.” The concept of “with” is the most fundamental thing about God.

So we open our worship saying: the Lord be “with” you. We proclaim that the Word made flesh came to dwell “with” us. We call his name Emmanuel, meaning God “with” us. And so we bless our gatherings saying: the grace of our Lord God Savior Jesus Christ, be “with” us all.
Maybe one way to answer “What can we do when we feel lost?” is to notice “with.” That even when we are lost, God remains with us and our role remains to be with one another.

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