Where Does Service Begin?

Service begins in ways much smaller than we imagine.

Imagine back to a time when someone, through some small act of kindness, shifted your day, nudged it at least for a moment from pounding darkness, to a growing light. I imagine it was nothing grandiose. Probably unwitnessed and unnoticed outside of that one particular interaction. And somehow, in God’s grace, it made all the difference in the world.

We do many projects at NCL large in scale. And many small.

Last week, a team traveled to work in Kensington. While there, a simple request by their staff was made for kids’ backpacks.

An announcement to the congregation, and backpacks showed up.  And diapers.  And school supplies.  And hygiene products.

All those events, big and small, matter. All those events, including the volunteering that even allowed Sunday to happen and for the announcement to be made and the connections to be made, matter.

From the initial trip to the city, to the volunteers who make Sunday go, to the announcement, to the collection, to the return trip, to one backpack getting in one kid’s hand, to the chance to shift, every so slightly just one young life, took maybe 40 volunteers? Maybe more? We don’t know the number but we do know meaning.

It is never about the size or the acclaim. It is forever about the fact that it matters!

So thank you.

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