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NewChurch Live follows Swedenborgian theology which prioritizes individual spiritual experiences within larger church communities. Our primary goal is to help you connect with the church community while exploring your spiritual life and your relationship with God.

  • Spiritual Journey- While your spiritual journey is an individual experience, when you combine it with an accepting community that meets you where you are, you can get both spiritual guidance and community support to help you make discoveries along the way.
  • Life-Worship Balance- Life gets busy but your spiritual journey doesn’t have to be put on the back burner. Our goal is to provide worship, spiritual opportunities, and a church community that works for you and your life.
  • Online Church Opportunities- Life doesn’t stop, nor does our need to connect with the community or receive spiritual messages. Online church opens up the door for you to worship, find inspiration, create connection, and grow spiritually from any place at any time.
  • NewChurch Live is Spirituality in Practice and Action- Our online presence doesn’t stop us from practicing our values. We believe our faith, our worship, our spiritual lives are rooted in our relationship with God and our community. Acts of service are part of our mission. Whether gathering locally or online, we encourage taking action where and when you can.

Our Core


Spirituality. Faith. Belief. Community. Action.

None of these are static, and so your journey to spirituality is one of action and

NewChurch Live honors and values that.

It’s why we focus so intently on our values.

  • Searching

    Your spiritual journey is ongoing. It’s exploring and engaging with your world with a curious and open mind. We do what we can to encourage that, challenging our community with questions, sharing our thoughts about life and spiritual pursuits.

  • Reflecting

    Growth is about understanding not just where we are but also where we came from and where we are headed. That means taking, and making, time to pause, reflect, and then grow. The human experience isn’t about perfection, it’s about growth.

  • Guiding

    Guidance comes from God. It comes from church communities, our families, our faith leaders. It comes from our own inner voice. Our goal is to help you find the guidance you need on your spiritual journey.

  • Connecting

    Community. Conversation. Encouragement. Guidance. Support. Fulfillment. Joy. Connection provides all of these things and more. It is our mission to help you find, cultivate, and grow your connections.

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