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The 3 Kinds of Love

3rd, July 2022

What is the best arrangement for a human life? Join Curtis Childs as we explore the three universal categories of love and how we can...

Faith is the Eye of Love

26th, June 2022

We look for “eureka” moments, where the longing for an answer leads to an insight. Join Pastor Chuck and Curtis Childs for a “eureka” moment...

Journey Together

12th, June 2022

In our journeys we will find most often that we need more people to travel with us versus less. That was true thousands of years...

Taking Care of that Hero

3rd, June 2022

Taking Care of that Hero All epic tales begin with the hero leaving home. Same with the Bible. That is, as Joseph Campbell phrased it,...

The Broken and the Blessed

29th, May 2022

Through a life of commitment and dedication, there will be inevitable challenges to those things we deeply treasure. How do we react? How do we...

The Three Rivers

22nd, May 2022

It’s important for us to think about how our lives will move forward. Will love carry us? Knowledge? Intellect? Maybe it is all three put...


15th, May 2022

Gratitude greatly simplifies our life. And here is the trick – it is not about gratitude somehow attached to “more.” It is instead learning how...


8th, May 2022

We all know that in the long run people value experiences more than things.  How then do we learn to recalibrate, valuing memories more than...


1st, May 2022

We navigate life not out of knowing how the whole journey will go, but instead using a few key coordinates. What’s your true north? 5/1/22

The Seven Stages of Life

24th, April 2022

“Let there be light.” With those words, God creates not physical light, but spiritual light within each of us. At this service we’ll be learning...