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  • Thursday April 18th
  • 8:30 am

10 Minutes of Calm

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NCL Ambassador Program

18th, April 2024


It is our hope that some of you will consider being an ambassador for NewChurch Live in the area/region where you live. Being an ambassador is super simple. We are hoping you can commit to 1-2 of the following:

  1. Share NCL content. This could be sharing a service you watched recently, the link for the 10 mins of calm or anything really. This could be a social media post, or just a simple share with a friend of yours in your area.
  2. Host a watch party. This could be hosting an online watch party or picking any day to watch in person with folks from your area. This could be at your home or in a public setting.
  3. Organize a local community service project – this could be anything from a food drive to finding a local organization to do a service project and inviting friends/family to join. (We are happy to help brainstorm ideas…we have lots)
  4. Have your name listed on our website – as someone to contact from your area. The thought is that if someone stumbles on our website it would be great for them to see that there are others who watch in their area and could hopefully connect in some way. (we would not list personal data. Simply listing first name and state or general region, they would then fill out a form and we would put them in touch with you, so no personal data would be listed on our website)

Are you open to any of the above? It really shouldn’t be a large time commitment and can really work within whatever schedule your time allows.

Pastor Chuck is also planning his travel schedule for the year and would LOVE to come visit various groups around the country. As groups grow/pop up he would love to come do a live service or participate in a community service project.

We would love to hear from you! Let us know if you are up for any of the above. We can set up a time with you to talk more one-on-one about next steps and brainstorm more about what being an ambassador can look like for you!

Please sign up here and let us know if you are up for exploring more.