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The First Step

23rd, February 2024

An old and true maxim holds that the hardest step in a long journey is the first step. Spiritually, one way to look at that...

What Are You Mad At?

25th, February 2024

We all struggle with loops. A common one … rage. When we hit that point, our thoughts and anger quicken at lightning speed, and more...

What Happens When We Die

28th, January 2024

Have you ever pondered what happens when we die? Most people sense something on the other side of this life. From a Swedenborgian perspective, what...

Hope As Protest

5th, December 2023

Hope As Protest True hope is grounded. It is deeply grounded in the world as it is as well as being deeply grounded in a...

The Battle Within

3rd, November 2023

The Battle Within The spiritual battle is almost always within. If we are disturbed it may be best to look at what within ourselves first.