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Playing All The Notes

11th, June 2023

Galatians like many of the books in the Bible covers a wide variety of human experience from the dark side to the light. 6/11/23


9th, April 2023

Join for this special family service as we celebrate Easter.  This is a day of deep celebration, a day where we remember, together, that despite...

Grief and Joy

26th, March 2023

Easter’s power is around a cycle known well to all of humanity – Death, Waiting, Resurrection. Restated, we face loss, a loss followed by a...

You Are Not Alone

26th, February 2023

When we are connected to those around us, we are able to feel God’s presence in our lives. It’s through naming and sharing our struggles...

Where Do We Go From Fear?

19th, February 2023

Often our “here” is filled with “fear.” Fear takes us away from the moment right in front of us, either digging up the past or...

What Do You Worry About?

12th, February 2023

We all harbor worries ranging from work, to money, to health to aging, to worries around our loved ones.  Yet God’s gentle reminder is clear,...