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Bottoming Out

12th, June 2024

Sometimes the only way we will face our challenges head on is by bottoming out. Not a pleasant thought but we can find a unique...

Transforming Negativity

2nd, June 2024

It is easy to give way to negativity, to allow it to shape our lives. How can we, with God’s help, transform that negativity? A...

Holding Hard Decisions

25th, April 2024

We all face hard choices. Spirituality is not always about what the decision is but often instead focuses on how the decision is made.

The Bread of Heaven

21st, April 2024

When we’re at the end of our rope, we think no future is before us, it is powerful to witness the little miracles that start...

Self-Defeating Behaviors

16th, April 2024

We all have many “less than” moments, moments when we are “less than” that we could potentially be. Welcome to the world of self-defeating behaviors,...

Learning How To Pray

14th, April 2024

One of the quieter ways to create a space for God is prayer. Prayer, as Swedenborg writes, is simply a conversation with God. What are...


26th, March 2024

Shadows in the dark can be scary things. What we need to remind ourselves is that shadows are only formed because of the absence of...

Embracing the Hard Stuff

24th, March 2024

The Easter story is rich with darkness, yet it also offers profound lessons on embracing and navigating through it. How might we draw upon these...