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Mirrors and Windows

25th, September 2022

In life we struggle. We get consumed with how we look to others. Imagine a way in which we were no longer looking in the...

Higher Perspective

18th, September 2022

We struggle with tunnel vision and limited sight. How do we gain a more panoramic view of life? Can we see life through God’s eyes?...

Our Own Worst Enemy

7th, June 2022

Our Own Worst Enemy “The most egregious sin is humanity’s will to be powerful in a way only God is – to control our own...

Holy Darkness

6th, June 2022

Holy Darkness Creation begins in holy darkness. It is a pattern repeated many times in our life, where darkness yields to light. Gen. 3:24 Secrets...

Loneliness vs. Solitude

5th, June 2022

How do we differentiate between being alone vs solitude? Feelings of isolation, disconnection and loneliness are more prevalent than ever. This week we explore how to...