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Learning How To Pray

14th, April 2024

One of the quieter ways to create a space for God is prayer. Prayer, as Swedenborg writes, is simply a conversation with God. What are...


26th, March 2024

Shadows in the dark can be scary things. What we need to remind ourselves is that shadows are only formed because of the absence of...

Embracing the Hard Stuff

24th, March 2024

The Easter story is rich with darkness, yet it also offers profound lessons on embracing and navigating through it. How might we draw upon these...

A Short Primer on Anxiety

5th, March 2024

Paradoxically, anxiety while frequently a destructive emotion also can point to what we value the most. How can we hold anxiety in new way, finding...

What Are You Anxious About?

3rd, March 2024

While some anxieties are understandable and even at times helpful, other anxieties are purely destructive, leading us literally no-where. Getting rid of those destructive anxieties...

It Is Going to Be OK

29th, February 2024

We can ground our spiritual lives on the rock-solid premise that it is indeed going to be ok in the end. That does not mean...

What Are You Mad At?

25th, February 2024

We all struggle with loops. A common one … rage. When we hit that point, our thoughts and anger quicken at lightning speed, and more...

The First Step

23rd, February 2024

An old and true maxim holds that the hardest step in a long journey is the first step. Spiritually, one way to look at that...

What Happens When We Die

28th, January 2024

Have you ever pondered what happens when we die? Most people sense something on the other side of this life. From a Swedenborgian perspective, what...