10 Minutes of Calm

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A 1000-year-old Church

12th, July 2024

Recently, in visiting a church in Norway that is over 1000 thousand years old, one is left feeling the deep sacredness of time, and left...

Breaking the Cycle

9th, July 2024

We can get caught in loops – loops of thought that replay endlessly. How can we break out of those loops? One thing to remember...

The Felt Sense of Things

5th, July 2024

There are always deeper ways of seeing life. So much of spirituality centers not so much on rational argument but on the felt sense of...

Finding a Third Way

2nd, July 2024

Is it possible to travel from a world filled with polarities, to move closer to the grace of a third way? Remember Martin Luther King’s...

Lives Anchored in a New Place

28th, June 2024

God gently guides us towards a new “anchoring” – a place known for its freedom and grace and gentleness. We can transcend rigid dichotomies with...

Us Against the World?

27th, June 2024

It is easy to see everything as a life and death battle. But life is not that simple. Much of the spiritual is learning that...

Needing Less? Needing More?

26th, June 2024

When we struggle with addiction and compulsion, we need more and more of what works less and less. These are spiritual challenges that trap us...

Trusting Our Intuition

25th, June 2024

One of the highest forms of wisdom, of “knowing” is intuition – that felt sense, growing from our heart, that spurs us to action. We...