10 Minutes of Calm

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A Match and Fire

31st, May 2023

A Match and Fire Hard to carry fire. Easy to carry a match. Loving service into the common good is what actually brings heaven to...

Search for the Sacred

24th, May 2023

Search for the Sacred We search for the sacred. And where it is often found? Quiet awe. The sacred is much quieter, much more about...

Grace – Full

23rd, May 2023

Grace – Full Deitrich Bonhoeffer famously warned of “Cheap Grace.” Real grace is costly … and beautiful.

Humility and Surprise

22nd, May 2023

Humility and Surprise Maybe the more we embrace true humility, the more space we leave for love. Humility is not about thinking less of ourselves,...

Deeper Loyalty

19th, May 2023

Deeper Loyalty Loyalty can be of two different kinds. Loyalty to the person, and loyalty to the relationship. What is a healthy loyalty?