10 Minutes of Calm

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The First Follower

2nd, February 2023

The First Follower The theory of the first follower recognizes every leader needs a first follower. If we all could learn to be really good...

What is Your Value?

31st, January 2023

What is Your Value? God’s desire – that we come to feel a joy from which we experience being led, being loved, and esteemed.  

How Trust and Joy Join

30th, January 2023

How Trust and Joy Join Trust and Joy, in our spiritual lives, come together in amazing ways. God always finds us exactly where we are....

Speaking to Everyone

27th, January 2023

Speaking to Everyone Pretty simple concept. With big implications. “The Lord talks to every individual.” (Emanuel Swedenborg)

Newness Reimagined

25th, January 2023

Newness Reimagined Newness might be more than just jettisoning the past. #Genesis8 #newchurchlive #10minutesofcalm

What Served You?

24th, January 2023

What Served You? Our ideas about the world shift over time. How do we honor what served? #Genesis8 #newchurchlive #10minutesofcalm