10 Minutes of Calm

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The First Step

23rd, February 2024

An old and true maxim holds that the hardest step in a long journey is the first step. Spiritually, one way to look at that...

A Third Way Approach

22nd, February 2024

There is a human tendency to break things into binaries. God is always though gently bending us towards a third way.

Progress or Transformation

21st, February 2024

Within the self-help movement, a lot is made of progress. Weigh less. Make more etc…. But the spirituality is somewhat different. It is about allow...

IF you can count them

16th, February 2024

God offers a beautiful blessing of blessings, asking to look at them but to remember, there are blessings beyond measure.


13th, February 2024

There are many ways to understand God and one way is through the term “mercy.” What might that term mean? It could mean womb-like mother...

Yep … Everybody.

9th, February 2024

God’s love is universal. Ours? Most often not. How can we recast a vision around that type of inclusion?


8th, February 2024

In the Christian world, there is an ancient tradition of doing a daily devotional, usually including prayer and scripture – like 10 Minutes of Morning...

Acting on the Impulse

7th, February 2024

While we don’t want to be impulsive, we might want to listen to those good impulses from deep within that call us forward.

A Few Simple Things

6th, February 2024

We can fall into the belief that we have to know many things. But maybe knowing a few things will give us all that we...